Hello there darling

Just another stupid kid on the internet. What a twist! Mish mash of a blog with many items on the agenda. Lots of Rooster Teeth, bits of anime sprinkled in, even the odd quote or inspirational post, maybe a puppy who knows, and lots of humour. Talk to me, I love meeting new people so please talk to me if we have things in common.

GrayNote on Rooster Teeth

InASmallWaffleCone on steam

Seriously talk to me especially RT fans

i’m jealous of people who have cute laughs and fast metabolisms and nice teeth and good hair and can just make any outfit look good and  get along with everyone and are great at sports and do well in school bc none of that is me


SMOKING WEED IS FUCKING AWESOME AND IF ANYONE FUCKING DISAGREES I WILL respect your opinion, as every marijuana smoker should.


just gonna leave this here



does anybody else clean their phone screen by wiping it on their boob or is that just me

teacher: y r ur eyes red
me: allergies
teacher: yea ur allergic to that dank ass kush
me: hell yea
teacher: hell yea
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